​​​​​​​The course has been developed in collaboration with Universidad del Rosario and EDX,  digital learning platform developed by prestigious US universities such as MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and Texas University. Thanks to the MOOC modality each student takes lessons and contents at their own path. The whole course is taught digitally, supported by illustrated presentations, interactive contents, and pre-recorded lectures in which I explain (and draw) the history of Islamic architecture.
The course offers more than 24 hours of content classified in four chapters: a general introduction of global architectural history, a chapter dedicated to mosques, a third one for medinas and houses, and a final chapter for palaces with the Alhambra of Granada as its main protagonist. This is indeed a wide and winding learning path. Its objective its not to make students memorize dates or time periods, but to grasp how diverse Islamic architecture is and how its traditional principles impact our contemporary urban environments. 
The course has now gathered more than 3.500 students from all around the world.

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